Know Your Why Before the Interview

As we qualify new candidates to head into the final stage to meet with the employer, we are often asked what they can do to get ready for the interview. Although we are sending fully vetted and qualified candidates to meet the employer, there is still always a question about fit that can really only be decided between the employer and the employee. At the end of the day, you need to show the employer why you should be chosen over your competition.

We recommend preparing some selling points, reasons why you not only deserve the role, but why you want it. Because, no matter how qualified you are, if you don’t seem to want it, no employer will hire you. The want equates to drive and desire which will show an employer you will work hard to be successful.

Some of the selling points you may want to prepare are what makes you the best candidate for the role? Why you want this specific role over another or a competitor? Where you see this role taking you? Clue, you want to grow with that company! Longevity is a top selling point. No employer wants to invest time, money, or energy into an employee who has plans to leave the company.

So, before you walk into your next interview, be sure to have these answers ready. Show them that you not only need a job, but that you want this job in particular, that you really, really want this job. When it comes down to decision time, the interviewer will remember a candidate who stands out, and by being excited and truly interested in the role will ensure you will be a real standout!

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